microCHIP Submission Guidelines

microChip is the newsletter of the Mid-Hudson Computer User Group

The newsletter editorial staff is looking for computer-related news items, feature articles, tips, and hardware and software product reviews for publication in microCHIP. We can't offer you money, but we can give you the opportunity to help people by passing on what you've learned about computers, to give yourself more exposure to others in the field, and to see your name in print.

Here are some guidelines we've developed that you may find helpful in preparing your material for submission to the newsletter.

News Story

A news story might describe a trip to a computer fair or to PC Expo, a community activity or award involving some of our members, or an event the club is planning. The major points to be covered are:

Feature Article

Most of our articles are feature articles. They are usually concerned with computer matters, but could include almost anything: opinions, philosophical discussions, humor, computers in the future or in the past, and so forth. Consider these points:

Why will members be interested in this article? Why are you?

Are there sources for additional information and/or quotes?

Product Review

If this is a hardware or software review, include product name, version number, and platform (DOS, Windows, OS/2). Check for correct spelling of product name, i.e., WordPerfect, not Wordperfect and Microsoft, not MicroSoft. Supply as much of this information as you can:

Book Review

If this is a book review be sure to include author's name, publisher's name, address, and a telephone number, if possible. Here are some guidelines for writing the review:

General Writing Guidelines

Guidelines to preferred mechanics

Items to return with a submission

Material may be submitted on disk or sent via e-mail. We prefer plain text format(.txt), although .doc and .rtf formats are also acceptable. Be sure to include your name and phone number with your submission in case a question arises. All submissions should be sent to the newsletter editor: editor@mhcug.org

The deadline is the day of the Club meeting before the month of publication (e.g., second Thursday in May for the June microCHIP). Lengthy items or material requiring significant editing may require longer lead time.

Happy writing.

Uploaded to MHCUG Website 18 November 1998

Revised 30 January 2007

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